Promoting a Sustainable Shared Water Future in New Mexico

New Mexico’s water brings life to the desert, and together, we can keep it that way. Despite the water shortages and challenges we will face in the years ahead, the solutions are here, in our people, our communities, and our state. Main Stream New Mexico is here to be your guide to revitalized regional water planning under New Mexico’s Water Security Planning Act of 2023.
Main Stream New Mexico is a campaign of the Interstate Stream Commission Water Planning Program.

Our Team

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Andrew Erdmann

Water Planning Program Manager
New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
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Water Planner
New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
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Water Planner

New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
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New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
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We Offer…

Trustworthy, expert information about where New Mexico’s water comes from, how it is managed, and how it can be conserved. This is sourced through the Office of the State Engineer, the Interstate Stream Commission, community leadership, and our partners.
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On-the-ground stories sharing regional insights, challenges and solutions we learn from.
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News and Opportunities to support local New Mexicans in prioritizing their water needs, equipping and empowering people to shape our shared water future.
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    Planning And Taking Action

    New Mexico faces water shortages due to climate change and other factors. These shortages will intensify in the coming decades. The evidence suggests that available water supplies in New Mexico will decline by 25-30% (and possibly more), while demands are expected to grow.

    Like many of our neighbors, New Mexico has a challenge ahead. But our desert climate is nothing new. Over our history, we have and will continue finding ways to adapt and sustain in the face of water shortages. Now is the time to put our knowledge into action, reducing use and planning ahead.

    About The Water Security Planning Act

    The Water Security Planning Act, is New Mexico’s guiding legislation for regional water planning and management, securing a resilient water future. It creates a roadmap for regionalized water planning and implementation that prioritizes the unique needs of local communities, makes use of the best available science and data, and maintains compliance with federal and state laws.

    Key features of the Water Security Planning Act include:

    Our State Partners:

    New Mexico Indian Affairs Department
    New Mexico Environment Department
    New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department
    New Mexico Department of Agricultural
    New Mexico Game and Fish
    New Mexico State Land Office
    New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration
    New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources